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Sandvika is a family team consisting of Arkanoid, Aza, Sharky and Penguin.

Arkanoid had managed to avoid succumbing to the joy of geocaching since it was suggested to him by friends in 2002, however, he wanted to show off his Suunto M9 to a geocaching friend. This lead directly to find number 1, and now the family is hooked.

We carry a Travel Bug Sandvika everywhere we go, logging it in every cache (except our own), so that we can track distances we've travelled between caches.....and can see our crazy route on Google Earth! Unfortunately, due to changes made to geocaching.com, most of its mileage disappeared from the record when the 'visit' feature was added!

We also have a novelty Travel Bug It just won't fit in the box! that you might care to find.

We like the variety that caching brings, but in a world saturated with poor quality microcaches, it's easy to succomb to the numbers game. However, we think the game can be played differently to avoid this temptation. Our goals:
  • At least 10% of our caches will be logged from the alternative caching sites OpenCaching, TerraCaching and NaviCache.
  • No more than 75% of our caches will be traditional caches
  • No more than 2.5% of our caches will be locationless (not included in the 10% alternative target)
These goals are surprisingly difficult to achieve and even harder to stick to, but they ensure that we go out and find great caches as often as not! Our published stats currently include Munzees, but these will probably be removed soon



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Enjoy your caching. Best wishes, Sandvika

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